Tuesday, December 18, 2007

memoirs of a broken love

Digital Painting
Software: PhotoshopCs3

I have taken a draining 18 hours to complete this painting in different stretches.

When… it was…..
We forgotten to make out each other..
We..the all in us
i want to reach my home before
the sky goes black
before the last rain, we got soaked
we forgotten to forget us…
for no reason,
I am dead….
I am in me..
I have written on my pillows
about you ..
when it was..
the wild kisses
fracturing bones, bleeding,
as i was wrapping me
in the blanket of death
i cry to go to my past
i cry to be born again..
i cry to become that innocent child
when i was in my school
No.. nothing is possible...
before i set in to boil in you..
you vapourised in to clouds
where are you..?
where am i..?
when it was..?
when i am piping the poison..
you a refuge island

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cover for Infosys


This cover design is done for one of infosys’s magazine,which has been Published in different languages in many European and other countries. The theme of the latest issue is demographic banking. In a same platform, new generation banks deal with different kind of population and services. So I had to illustrate something that shows an ensemble of different elements in a same kernel. One of a master heads suggested me to visualize, of different kind of gems in a same shell. I believe, I did a good job and it can be communicated with some texts. But it is rejected by the client, because it failed to communicate the theme..( I content..anyway of quality, that is never a reason for them) Alas!!! IT’ens see the visuals through some meticulously programmed intellect, based on a business platform. But on one matter, I can agree. Especially in IT business software ‘hits’ a customer more than its interface designs. So is the magazine, what they think. But any way the layout of the magazine (already accepted by the client) is so pure. (Narayanmurthy….Please note the point..Ha.. Ha….) I really stunned, being a wonder in IT industry, how this kind of small areas have been neglected by the company. I didn’t see any of Infosys’s software and its interfaces. One question I had in mind then…who is the first person to suggest the designs..? A good designer or the owner of a company?. What ever it is...let it be there. right?? I did new one what I don’t like and sent it. I would like to show you this cover only because I would like this more than any covers what I did recently
How I did(for PS users): I painted the shell in Photoshop referring some photographs , created background in the same and taken some images of pearls and trinkets from photography sites, Cut it and arranged, given shadows manually. I suggest my friends those who carefully try to study PS.. Try to do shadows and highlights manually. it helps the illustration to be clandestine among original photographs, that strew more hues than real…...really hypernatural …!!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

War of DJ.s

Software: Photoshop and illustrator
Drawings in illustrator and effects in PS

Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy X'mas

I wish all of my friends..a happy Xmas


Wallpaper for Yahoo!!!.... Softaware:PhosotshopCs3 Time:1Hour