Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Making of a LOGO

Software: Illustrator CS4

There is a trifling but painful  story behind the making of toonz.

Last year  I was so disappointed with  the fate of my previous company after a well-orchestrated financial fraudulence  by its CEO and owner. It failed miserably in the market due to financial irregularities and less transparency.
After achieving the award for a best expanding  retail  stores even at the time of recession, we met a harrowing time in our life. Widespread panic among professionals in Bangalore was visible.. Even reports were  coming about the suicides of employees in IT companies. We had no other way left except quit the company. We, a team of 18 people quit one day.  (the compensation promised is not paid even today.)  The same Split group planned a new company at the same segment in retail market. But due to the recession, our effort to draw financial assistance form any quarters haven’t met any success.  Our team mates  waited for the birth of the new company but it didn’t  draw any attention from venture capitalists or any other investors. .. One by one..  all aspirants of our new company have  joined in some other companies and a few left on board… my mind was losing confidence when anxiety about financial crisis soared.. and was resorting to  some self-emancipating smokes to tide over all the vagaries of the deluge of financial meltdown. We felt like everything around us built on capitalist speculations..  Doom day is coming..??? many of us opined like that.. A few left in our team , 3 directors, and a fashion designer, and a financial manager. I left to kerala by losing what ever I earned financially from  my Bangalore life. Selling everything ..from my T V to house hold utensils to my bike to……..i remember.. At least I left with my saviour..My closest pal..I couldn’t find anybody whom I helped financially in my good time to solace me, to mop my tears or at least to .…In kerala I reached as the same what I was before coming to Bangalore 6 years back  …for 8 months..I lived a gypsy, a nomad, a drunkard. A lover…an anarchist. Like an orphan’s life  in an unaccepted folk song…After 8 months….

 I have been called to Bangalore for a discussion  about the launch of our new company and to do the initial design works.  The name toonz  finalized and I have been asked to do some logo samples for toonz. Our concept was to get copy rights of iconic cartoon characters and design, produce and sell products for kids. So cartoon stuck in my mind and thought of doing some logo related to cartoon. I submitted the samples and we gone for voting. Apart from the voting I took all the samples to many kids to know which one they like most. The logo which got more votes from the kids and other teammates was finalized. The toonz was born… I am thankful to my 3 directors for giving me hope at all my difficult time.

Now Toonz Retail Indian Pvt Ltd, is where I am a solid part.

The ToonZ  logo is a blend of modernity and Innovation in kids retail segment. The stylized round font encapsulates the softness and tender feeling towards kids  and aims to showcase the magical experience of  international fashion at indian price. The two jelly balls in the logo shows the sweet candies which has been the much sought confectionery for kids. It creates an ambience more sweet for kids.  The Toonz epitomizes  fashion, Innovation, and  the over all kids mind,  and this has been astutely brought out in the look and tone of the identity conceptualized…

Now I breath perfectly  ….standing  on the debris of  the collapse of many  colossal  dreams, most of the cases it was  because of the unprecedented flood of financial crisis.  Now I can have a drink with you and take any challenge in my future. I am thankful to those who left me in lurch, and teaching me what a relation, a love affair, a friendship is…..and  making me experience what a  compassion of a hot breath and a wild kiss is…


colours said...

Hi All ok except one line.
I was there with you in your all state even if worse or good.
can you recall those days ?

anoop said...

I recollect the day when you came back to bangalore. In fact i was there with you when you came back to see that the flat we occupied was handed over to our friend and we realised that we did not have a space to keep our head. I remember those days, when we had to leave the other friend's apartment in the very early morning. I still remember we roamed the entire city with a 30rs ticket. I remember the struggles, i remember the downs... I remember how bad you were when you lost the job over a Shakespearean dilemma. The kind of anarchy life, i always believed that our struggles was the result of kind of indiscipline we kept while living in Banalore... I remember, when i moved away from bangalore and when i moved away from the circle, you called me once. Could you recollect that? You tried all my number and called up several people to get my number. You delivered one of the most touching dialogue i have ever heard from a friend "I felt your absence" The most touching one from a friend. When the world around us is against the anarchist, lover, a drunkard, i just felt that world is mad. I always had a doubt in my mind that whether we are abnormal or others. Finally as always you say, i can say only one thing that people who are good at heart will always have the last laugh. We will make it sure that we will have the last laugh... And say thanks to all struggles, which stimulated our energy and fighting spirit.